Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The story of Rose

It was November 28th. Late in the afternoon I went to my dr. appointment. She said that my body is showing an early sign of labor. She wouldn't be surprised if the baby decided to come earlier than scheduled which was Dec 6th.

At 3PM that day, I started to feel regular contractions. I timed it and it was 5 to 7 minutes apart. The contractions were getting stronger. So I called the hospital, and they asked me to come just to make sure.

I started to make some calls to find people who would be willing to take care of the other older kids. By 6.30PM, we dropped the kids off at our friends' house and headed to the hospital. I was indeed in labor. The dr. decided that she wouldn't stop the labor. So they prep me for the c-section. By 8.35PM our little Rose was born. She was tiny though, only 6 lbs 7.6 oz. My tiniest baby. She is healthy and perfect .

Another good news is that doctors gave me their okay to be open to life still. Everything looks good. Thanks to the intercession of so many Saints and Angels, especially my companion, Saint Gerard.

We're home already.  The adjustment has been chaotic, hard, trying, and draining. A week before the birth, each member of our family got sick by cold and stomach flu. When I was in the hospital, DH had to deal with couple of sick. Poor hubby, he was so overwhelmed taking care all of us. The sickness has passed, and now we're enjoying our Rose and looking forward to celebrate Christmas with our early Christmas present :) Rose will be baptized on Dec 22.