Friday, March 2, 2012


I'm disconnecting myself from the internet world during Lent in order to be able to really listen what the Lord has to say.

I told myself "yeah..right..the whole Lent?..please...internet is my addiction" That's why I'm doing it baby step. No internet during the week, except weekend. I've been focusing my attention on DH and the kiddos, and striving to fulfill my daily duties as a mom and a wife. After all, Lent is the right time to form a new good habit. I've been feeling that this is the area I need to focus in my life for this Lent, for me to control the use of the internet and not the other way around. A homeschooling momma needs the internet, but I've been letting the internet controls me.

I've been reading this book Abandonment to Divine Providence  as my Lent reading. The writer stated that it's very very very 'easy' to be holy, just fulfill your daily duties according to your state of life, since the duties that presented in my daily life are God's will for me to do at the present moment. Those daily duties are His way to make me holy. In order to be holy, all I need to do is doing God's will, right? there you go..I just found the way how to be a saint.

Have a blessed Lent, I will keep you close in my prayers.