Monday, February 28, 2011

In the beginning....

Well, my first time blogging so I'm still learning about all this blogging world and the gadgets. I'll try to fit this blogging world in between hanging out with DH, nursing, chasing 18 month old toddler, and doing school with my oldest.

Our oldest  girl is 5 years old. She'll be in 1st grade this year, and has a wiggling tooth. One of my babies is growing up. Time flies....

Our biggy boy is just a curious one. We might just put everything in a locked safety box. Poor Miss. A, she said she's getting tired of picking up after her brother. Well, when this biggy boy old enough, he too will have to pick up the mess that his baby sister will make. Mr. C came to us through the miracle of domestic adoption. I still remember as if it was yesterday...his homecoming will be in another post, since it is a dear story to my heart.

Our youngest one, well, she's another miracle, Miss AM who is 1 month old. I can't wait to see her blossoming just like her siblings.

Last but not least, the love of my life...the husband that Our Lord has chose for me to accompany me in this journey. A husband who loves me unconditionally. He puts up with all my weaknesses. A great daddy to his children. He is willing to protect his family and do whatever it takes to make us happy. I'm striving to be the wife he deserves.

Well, that's a little bit introduction of our family. It's time to prepare supper now, although take out looks more tempting